ALOTO: A League of Their Own
Leadership & Organizational
​ALOTO offers leadership and organizational development for teams large and small.  Whether you are a non-profit, government organization, or Fortune 500 company, we can help your team operate more effectively.
True Colors interactive seminars introduces participants to the powerful True Colors concepts. By recognizing your True Colors and the True Colors of others, the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your team will improve. True Colors reveals the motivation behind behaviors and directing the focus and energy of team members on your mission instead of organizational conflicts, territorialism or personality conflicts. Participant seminars focus on self-awareness and vary in time by the number of participants. Each participant learns how to bring out the best in themselves and in each other, how each member’s primary color – and a representation of all colors – is important to the team’s success, and how to bring up your paler colors for the benefit of the team’s goals.

True Colors Seminars 

ALT Training 

Authentic Leadership Today (ALT) Training brings together the development concepts of managing versus leading, rethinking collaboration and conflict, and the mindset of leadership effectiveness. This training is appropriate for people at all levels and designed to be highly interactive. While most effective for groups of 100 or less, it can be adapted to accommodate larger groups.  


All services are customizable, depending upon group size, length of service, and team/individual need.  

For pricing and availability please email or call (872) 256-8648.